Opening OneSpan Designer from another application

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Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out to explore how we can integrate OneSpan Sign with our internal public-facing applications. These applications generate documents requiring e-signatures.

Currently, the workflow involves uploading documents for signing, followed by manual placement of signature placeholders within the OneSpan editor.

Our goal: We'd like to streamline this process by programmatically opening the OneSpan editor directly from our applications. This would allow users to seamlessly add signature placeholders and initiate the signing process without needing to switch contexts.


  1. Editor Access: Is it possible to programmatically open the OneSpan editor within our applications?
  2. SSO Integration: If programmatic editor access is feasible, would this require Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation?

If SSO is necessary, any documentation or guidance on achieving this integration would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Reply to: Opening OneSpan Designer from another application

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You can integrate OneSpan Sign to access it within your application. Here are few of the recommended documentations for your review :

Additionally, if you wish to have a Single Sign on application where the users can login and access OneSpan Sign with org. credentials, we do offer the functionality. Recommended documentation :

We advise you to test any of these functionalities in Sandbox before moving to Production to ensure the feature meets your requirements. For configuring SSO, you will need to open a case with our Support team at [email protected]

Gabriel Cloutier

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