Optional Signature Blocks for Non-Defined Signers

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Is it possible to create 2 optional signature blocks in a document that are intended for 'additional signers' that have not been defined as a signer in the package?

We've got our main signer, and we want to give them the option to bring in two more people to sign if they need to. We'd also like to have a way to collect the names of these extra signers using text fields. We've been trying to figure out how to add those two signature spots, but we're having some trouble.

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Hi Cameron,


OSS provides an out-of-the-box feature Change Recipient which allows signers to delegate their signature to another recipient by providing the email address and full name of the delegate. Once specified, Signer1 will finish signing, a new role Signer2 will be automatically added to the transaction and be assigned the rest of the signatures and fields left by Signer1.

However, there might still be some techinical gap as per your descrption: (1) Swtich signer feature can only specify one additional signer (2) To achieve your requirement, Signer1 and Signer2 need to sign two different documents, this is because if required signature and optional signature are in the same document, Signer1 won't be able to finish signing with optional signature unsigned. (3) You need to provide instruction to Signer1 to follow the designed steps.

Back to the topic, I did realize that optional signature wasn't supported by APEX SDK, in order to mark a signature as optional, you'd extend the modelling a bit:
OneSpanAPIObjects.cls > line 51 public class Approval > add a Boolean field "optional" and only specify optional: true when it's not required.

If you are interested in testing the swtich signer feature, I would suggest you to try the feature in sender UI first before implementing in APEX code.







Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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