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In the documentation for Document Extraction, it explains that a Textfield or Checkbox must be completed before a Signer can sign a package:


Before signing, Agent1 must complete two fields:





Once those fields are complete, Agent1 can sign [Agent1.Fullname1], and [Agent1.Fullname1.label1.Date] will automatically be filled with the date of signing.



This sounds like to me that if we create a Textfield for a signer, they are REQUIRED to fill it out. Is this the case? Say we want to ALLOW  a signer to fill in data, but it is NOT REQUIRED. 

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Hi Corey,


I also find the description a little bit misleading. From the best of my knowledge: in document extraction, whether an OneSpan Sign field is required or not depends on the PDF form property:

 So if "Required" is not checked, the field should NOT be required by default.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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