Own UI for sign ceremony

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I have been using the rest api to create transactions for the signing ceremony. The api returns a token and the transaction id. I have built the url to open it in another browser tab and continue with the signing ceremony. I was wondering if is there a way to bypass the One Span UI and use my own UI for the signing ceremony? Using the branding of the company. Is it possible using the api or is it integrating some SDK? My stack is VueJS and Laravel.

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Hi cobri,


An easier way to seamlessly integrate the signing experience to your own application is to embed the signing ceremony URL into an iFrame, especially if your main concern is the branding capability - both classic desktop/mobile signing ceremony, and the New Signer Experience (responsive across desktop and mobile devices) allow to be embedded, and you have plenty of customization options.

If you preferred, you can share a screenshot of your current experience, or a simple user story card so that I know how you desire to present the signing experience.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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