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Hi, we found out that for some packages when it's in "DRAFT" status and package expiryDate passed, the package status becomes " EXPIRED", but some of them are stay as "DRAFT". I'd like to know what other business rule in e-signlive to check to have package status as "EXPIRED"? one more question , if package is in "COMPLETED" status and package expiryDate passes, the status is still "COMPLETED", is it current behavior? Thanks, Cindy

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Hi Cindy, A package cannot expire if it has been completed. Once a package has been marked complete, you can only do the following: archive, trash, and delete. Regarding packages in draft expiring, I will have to investigate that as it shouldn't happen. If I'm understanding correctly, you create a package, set an expiry date, leave the package in draft and it shows EXPIRED in the user interface once the expiry date has passed?
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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