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Hi Can you please let me know what are all the effects of changing the packatge status to "ARCHIVED" Is there any online article that details all the package status and what are the effects of each Thanks Mario

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Hi Mario, You can find all package status in this document. And in this document, it clarifies: Archived is a status shows The transaction has been archived. Archived Folder Contains all your archived transactions. Archive Action is to Move the selected transactions from your Inbox to the Archived folder. This action is available only for completed transactions in your Inbox. And once a package is archived, your signer won't get access to the package, when they click their download link on email, they will see "Access Denied" as the attachment shows. As a sender, you can still retrieve metadata, download the documents/evidence summary, call SDK functions as normal.

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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