Package Status not correct

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I'm using sandbox.e-signlive.ca. On this platform I get this behaviour which in my mind is unexpected. I have created 3 packages. All 3 packages have 2 signers. In firs two cases signer two OPTED_OUT or DECLINED. Why then when I query draft packages only get all 3 of them. Package Name Id Package Status asfa a44f19a2-e721-46e0-96a8-2fe37e6fb161 OPTED_OUT test for decline 5d5adada-77bf-4250-84fb-bb834773d89e DECLINED test 9:40 842bc38c-bbba-49f8-b189-05f3b28d04b3 DRAFT I'm querying user packages like this: ...... PageRequest pr = new PageRequest(0,10000); Page resultPage = eslClient.PackageService.GetPackages(DocumentPackageStatus.DRAFT, pr); ..... I would expect that once signing process starts, not matter what outcome, package can not get in the Draft status again.

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You are correct. I am getting the same result on my side. If you query for the status of the package, it shows OPTED_OUT. I am going to look into it if it's an expected result or simply a bug. I will get back to you soon. edit: If you need a quick workaround, you could make a secondary check in your program and pull the actual status of the package and ignore any packages showing OPTED_OUT statuses when querying for draft packages.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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