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We have several package templates which we created with the New UI. Each of the templates has multiple documents assigned to them. Now we need to use the RESTAPI to pull these package templates and create new transactions with the package templates created in the UI. Unfortunately, we're not able to find a template id, or a means to target the package templates, either in BackOffice. After reading somes eSignLive literature its seems that if we use the UI to create package templates there is not an immediate means to use the REST API to call that template and use in a package. What we've done instead is to then 1) use the UI to create a new transaction with that package template, 2) grab the package id from the transaction, and 3) plug that package id from the new transaction into /packages/{packageId}/clone. Can you confirm there is no means to use the REST API to directly use/retrieve package templates created in the UI except by then using them in a new transaction and then replicating that package over and over with ../clone ? Do you have a better solution to offer? Thanks, Todd

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Hi Todd, You can in fact retrieve your templates through the REST API regardless if it was created through the web ui: https://developer.esignlive.com/guides/feature-guides/template-management/#rest-api
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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