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We have been working with the Salesforce ESL App and are noticing unusual behaviors with PDF Form fields and how the data is layered onto the PDF. Is this behavior the same when utilizing REST or any other API with ESL? What are most peoples experiences with using PDF Form fields? Should the formatting work? How does one interact with a grouped checkbox - i.e. 5 checkboxes but only 1 can be checked at a time? I am seeing numbers not line up.. and checkboxes require editing the PDF before I can use it. Any thoughts?

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Hey redhatva, Can you show some screenshots of what you mean by the numbers not lining up? For you checkboxes, are you using pdf checkbox fields? Or just text fields? I'm pretty certain the field has to be a text style field within the pdf to be extracted, no matter the type (radio button, check box, etc) inside eSignLive. Also, I've never tried having grouped check boxes. I've only used grouped radio buttons, so I'll have to look into this further. Let me know.

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