Possible changes of uploaded document size after signature

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Hi, We need to know that is there any possibility of increasing further the document's size such as uploaded document, audit trails etc. near future for any release of one span server. Because, we are building an application where any increase of document's size will impact our application. For example, our application is supposed to support working with max of 2mb pdf file. Moreover, we have observed that uploaded document size increases significantly after attaching signatures on it. So, we are wondering the esignlive server versions. Thank you.

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Hi engg_nayan, I discussed this with our document engine team and they said the reason why document could become larger after ceremony really varies, sometimes the content in PDF file could become even larger after flattened and the CA you use might cause a larger file size. If you can give me a sample document at [email protected], I could create a ticket and have our R&D team check this document out. In General terms, a document size will be larger, coming out of OSS depending on complexity. For example, if I have a 424 KB document and add a single signature and 5 fields, the final size is 546 KB. If I take the same 424 KB document and add 10 signatures and 30 fields, the final size is 1105 KB. So, you can see how the complexity can alter the final size, as well. While I cannot look into the future and say that these file sizes would never change, I don't foresee any drastic changes to this in future releases that would cause you issues. Hope this could help you! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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