Radio buttons using text tags issue

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Dear all, As you can see from the screenshot attached, normally next to the radio buttons we have the text “Agree”, “I don’t Agree”, which seem to be covered(hidden) by the placeholder markup code in the produced document in the Signing Ceremony. The markup I am using to add the radio buttons is: {{*esl_Radio1:signer1:Radio:Group("Option1"),size(12,12)}} {{*esl_Radio2:signer1:Radio:Group("Option1"),size(12,12)}}

Reply to: Radio buttons using text tags issue

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Hi Lefteris, From the preliminary investigation, I found that it's because that your markup(text tags) are in the exact height of your "Agree/Disagree" text. As long as you move/generate the markup a little bit lower, and give it an offset like below, it won't cover the content after that. {{*esl_Checkbox1:signer1:Radio:Group("Option1"),size(12,12),Offset(0,-20)}}{{*esl_Checkbox2:signer1:Radio:Group("Option1"),size(12,12),Offset(0,-20)}} It seems it's the way that Doc Engine deals with it. Does the same PDF works before? I will make a support ticket reporting this and ask PM team to confirm whether this is an expected behavior or not. At the same time, if you want to work it around, it's better that you put the prefix "{{" exact at the x position, only set offsets for y coordinate, and use small font size to make it more visible (instead of using font-size & length to control the starting position of the markup). Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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