Reminder emails in REST API

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Hi, We have implemented the Reminder emails to the signers by given API and refering the below link: Reference link: Setting Reminders Guide Currently we are getting the reminder emails not on the next day. As per email, we will receive the reminder emails will be generated in GMT timezone. Our scenario is: { "startInDaysDelay": 1, "repetitionsCount": 2, "intervalInDays": 1, "packageId": "WG_gSb144JraYoQhaoxX6BHHNM0=" } In this scenario, we have intitated the signature process on 28th before GMT time zone as well as sent parameters from our end as mentioned above. But we have received the email on 30th as first reminder and second reminder on July 1st. As per our expectation is, first reminder mail should generate on 29th rather than 30th. Please let me know why this was generated on 30th. Thanks, Allen

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Hey Allen, What was the time and time zone that you created the transaction? Is the account with the package ID listed above linked to your email address? If so, I'll have support look up what time the transaction in question was created. Thanks,

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