Requirement to continue editing to fill out fields post OneSpan eSignatures

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Hi! All

We have a requirement where the user need to fill in forms with additional fields being entered in the PDF post OneSpan signatures.

However, since the below end-point gives us the PDF which is not editable after OneSpan signatures are executed, is there a way for someone to continue filling out the form after the OneSpan signatures have been completed (as someone needs to update the form once the user has signed). Also, these fields are not part of the values originally associated with the pre-signed of the form. These fields are more for the form issuing authority to update specific fields after the user action of OneSpan signature/signing ceremony is complete.

Active Documents:

GET https://sandbox.esignlive.com/api/packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}/pdf

Please, let us know how we can keep the signed oneSpan copy to be editable post OneSpan signatures for specific fields (which were not having any values passed on the original copy of the form).

Thank you,

P Vemul

P Vemul

Reply to: Requirement to continue editing to fill out fields post OneSpan eSignatures

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Hi P Vemul,


The attached is the security tab of a signed active document, where it shows you can't change the content nor reorganize the pages. If, for example you used a third-party PDF library to modify the form fields, it will break the tamper seal and invalidate the document.

If you download a signed flattened document with this API:
GET /api/packages/{packageId}/documents/{documentId}/pdf?flatten=true

This allows you to edit the content, but #1 flattened PDF no longer contains active signed certificate #2 form fields will also be flattened and can't be retained.


Instead of a post e-signature action, I would suggest to make it as part of the signing flow (or even creation flow) to have someone/application fill in the value before the transaction has been completed.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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