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If a client makes a mistake on a form and needs to fix a custom field. How do you resend them to allow them to edit and re-sign?  We have clicked edit when it comes back for review and hit resend for signature but the client does not get the email, we even tried resending the invitation and when they get that email it does not allow them to make any corrections. It tells them they have completed their transaction and they can't make any changes. Do we need to send the form again from scratch?


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Hi Alyssa,


The thumb of the rule is, as long as a document has been signed by any recipient, the sender can no longer redesign the fields or signatures. You will have to delete this document, reupload a new form, redesign the fields and signatures, then resend the transaction.

From the technical standpoint, if you have multiple signed documents but only need to edit one spot in one document, you only need to delete and recreate that particular document. 



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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