REST API alternative: email?

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I've heard email mentioned as an alternative to using the REST API to retrieve completed packages. We have the ability to create an email address and any attachments sent to that email address get imported directly into our imaging system. If the e-SignLive system could send all signed packages (as soon as they are signed) in the form of PDF/Image as an attachment to this e-mail address, then we would be able to use it nearly immediately from within our system. Is that how the “email” option works on the e-SignLive end? Is such functionality available?

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It appears that this is only for the Evidence Summary. I think the documents are not automatically emailed because the sizes of documents can vary so greatly. If I find out something different on this, I'll let you know. There is the possibility for you to set up a listener that can get a notification from eSL when a package is completed and then you'd enact some other process upon notification, to download the files and do what you want.

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