Rest Example for List Field

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Hi team, There's no working example for list field in this guide: https://developer.esignlive.com/guides/feature-guides/fields/ Can we add some supplementary information regarding this to this guide? Thanks!

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Hi there, To add a OneSpan Sign list field, you’d include below field node to your payload under documents – approvals – fields
  "id": "fieldId",
  "name": "fieldName",
  "type": "INPUT",
  "subtype": "LIST",
  "validation": {
    "required": false,
    "enum": [
  "page": 0,
  "left": 472,
  "width": 165,
  "height": 37,
  "top": 529,
  "extract": false
You can either use X/Y coordinates (page,top,left,width,height and extract false) or extraction methods (remove page,top,left,width,height and extract true) to locate the field. Example above using the former. Optionally, set a value for default chosen item Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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