Retrieve a list of all layout api

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Good day!

Requirement: Need to retrieve the name of all available layout 
Steps taken: we are using the GET/api/layout and providing the type as TEMPLATE 

Result: we are able to find the count as 6, but only the recently created layout name is available(Attached screenshot). Did we miss something?

Thank you

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Hi kamali25,


I believe you are referring to this API, could you try to use "from", "to" and "summary" parameters like below:

GET /api/layouts?from=1&to=100&summary=true

Optionally, there are other parameters that might fit your requirement:

"ownerUserId"/"ownerEmail" - The transaction owner's email / sender ID. Indicate the target user to search on.

"search" - When empty, a wildcard search will be done in the layout name and description for the search value, otherwise the allowable values will make more restrictive searches.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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