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Hi, I don't understand the difference between roles and approvals? I want to create a package with multiple documents where some of them require only receiver's signature and some of them require both sender's and receiver's signature and I'm not sure how should I configure my roles and approvals. Thanks

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Hey ime, So, a role is basically a signer. In the JSON payload, you could technically put multiple signers in a single role, but this is more for the case of group signing, where someone from a group needs to sign a document and it doesn't matter which person, just someone from that role. An approval represents a signature (and any other fields that would need to be tied to that signature, like a required text field or something). Each approval must be assigned to a role. The "fields" property inside the approval can only contain a single signature field. So, if you have two signatures that need to be assigned to the same person, you'd need two approvals, both having the same role property value. So, in the case you stated, where there are multiple documents where signer1 has a signature on both documents and signer2 has a signature only on document 2, you'd only have 2 roles with a single signer defined in each role. On document 1, you'd have an approval for "signer1" only. For document 2, you'd have an approval for both "signer1" and "signer2". Hopefully this clears it up a bit. Let me know. :)

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