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We're not using One Span Connector for Salesforce. We will use Apex SDK.

Our OS production license has 3 users and the same three users exists in Salesforce. How can I set up a authentication between Salesforce user and OS users? so that OS can understand who has submitted the request from Salesforce.

e.g. If I submit the transaction request from SF to OS using common API Key, how will OS understand who has submit the request (meaning who is the sender). Do I need to call any API to get the role details and then manually set the sender in the apex? 

Can you please guide, How can I set user based authentication in One span.

Also, can you please confirm is there any cost involved in the installation of Apex SDK


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Hi ishant.kesar,


Without any modification, you can only specify one API Key at Custom Settings > OneSpan Sign Connection Settings > with an instance name of "Main". Typically this is the API Key of the account owner. For other senders, you can specify the "sender" field when building the package object, take below code snipet for example:

              OneSpanSDK sdk = new OneSpanSDK();
              OneSpanAPIObjects.Package_x pkg = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Package_x();   
     = 'Create Transaction from Salesforce - ' +;   
              pkg.description = 'This is an example transaction.';   
              pkg.emailMessage = 'This is an email message.';  
              pkg.status = OneSpanAPIObjects.PackageStatus.DRAFT;

              //set sender

              OneSpanAPIObjects.Sender sender = new OneSpanAPIObjects.Sender();

     = 'your_sender_email'

              pkg.sender = sender




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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