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Dear All, 

Currently, we have users around 400 users to create on our OneSpan. We would like to seek you support by providing the guideline and script to run mutli users. Could someone help me, if create 1 by 1 we need to spend more time on it.

We also follow this script but not enough what we need: 

"testuser1","master","Test User1","","password","04 55584965","[email protected]","0410 555 555","9087653-4"

you can check by the attachment file to detials.


Best Regards, 



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Hello Houn,


In the OAS webadmin under "User", you have the "import" option where you can bulk load users from a CSV.

If you open that page and click "Help" on the top right, you'll get more information.

On that help page, near the top, there is a link towards the description of the format you need to use for the CSV file.


Note that the header line is mandatory for the server to recognize the order of the fields you are specifying.

Also, there is a sample of this CSV.


Kind regards,



Peter Vanderborght


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