Send new document in existing package

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I'm trying to send a new document in a package that has the status: Draft

But I get the error response

b'{"messageKey":"error.validation.invalidParameters","technical":"Unexpected Content-Disposition value for parameter \'name\'","message":"Invalid parameters.","code":400,"name":"Validation Error"}'


payload= {'description': 'Envio de documento para assinatura', 'id': 17, 'name': 'document1.pdf'}


file_request = [('file', <File: C:\Users\Test\document1_ZiJNpZN.pdf>)]


response =, headers=headers, data=payload,

Can you help me?


Reply to: Send new document in existing package

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Hi Matheus,


Thanks for your post! Can you try the attached code and let me know if this works for you to upload document to an existing package?




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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