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We have users that have changed their name which results in a change to their email address that impacts their account with OneSpan.  What has been the best practice there, as we have single sign-on, once the user have changed their name, it will take time again to go back and it is just a mess, with the potential of transactions pending in the old account.

Does OneSpan not have the ability to update and combine accounts? 


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Hi Lori,


OneSpan Sign offers a feature called "Delegation" to facilitate this "email get changed" use case. Delegation feature allows you to access the old email's dashboard via new email sender's portal. In addition, if you lock the old email sender, there will be no direct access.

For Delegation Feature, I have a blog introduce the detailed steps via UI, link here.

And the underlying steps for the whole process could be:
(1)Log in through the sender SSO link with new email, this will auto provision the new email with an OneSpan Sign account.

(2)From account owner's sender portal, assign delegation from old email to the new email

(2.5 test)try logging onto new sender's email and see if the person could access the old sender's dashboard

(3)From account owner's sender portal, lock the old email

(3.5 test)do the same test as above




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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