Signature Blocks Not Extracted

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Hi Haris, Signature blocks are not shown for the payload shown below against attached document. Attached is the Sample.pdf and request payload as below. kindly look into this and let me know any changes needed in JSON payload { “roles”: [{ “id”: “signer1”, “index”: “1”, “type”: “SIGNER”, “name”: “signer1”, “signers”: [{ “firstName”: “Jason”, “lastName”: “Barrs”, “email”: “[email protected]”, “company”: “Oracle”, “delivery”: { “email”: true, “provider”: true, “download”: true } }] }], “documents”: [{ “approvals”: [{ “role”: “signer1”, “fields”: [{ “type”: “SIGNATURE”, “extract”: true, “subtype”: “CAPTURE”, “name”: “001SIGNATURE” }] }], “extract”: true, “name”: “TestPackage” }], “name”: “Package001”, “description”: “Package Description “, “type”: “PACKAGE”, “emailMessage”: “Default Email Notification for E-Signature”, “autoComplete”: true, “status”: “SENT” } Regards, Srikanth

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Hi Srikanth, Thank for your posting! And I also checked your previous post. I think in this post's case, the problem could be: in your Request Payload, the name for the signature block is in upper case("001SIGNATURE") while in the PDF, the name for the Signature Block in in lower case("001signature"). I also noticed that, you are directly using a Signature Block as a Position Placeholder. If not for a specific reason, I would suggest using a simple Text Field cause it also works here as a document block object. Please let me know if this works for you. And hope you find this reply helpful!

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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