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Guys, Lets say that we have 3 signers. Is there a workflow for when we have to change signers for a document that has already been signed by one of the other signers involved?

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Hi Ryan, In OneSpan Sign, there’re two ways to change signer: #1, you can use the “Change Signer” feature, it’s a built-in capability provided by OSS allowing your signer to change signer during signing ceremony. #2, or you can build the change signer process by your own code, and following are the potential steps: (1)use a callback notification to monitor the first signer completion event (2)change the package status to “DRAFT” (3)do a GET request to grab the signer metadata: GET /api/packages/{packageId}/roles/{roleId} (4)modify the JSON, and replace the personal info with new signer(email, first/last name, company, title, etc), and do a PUT request to update signer PUT /api/packages/{packageId}/roles/{roleId} with the modified json as payload (5)send the package again Both workflow works with or without notary presents. But this is only the technical possibility, still, please speak to your legal department to clarify if these workflows are okay with you. Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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