N Devi Navya

Signer Complete Event

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Hello, We have created a package . Signed all the roles the package, status is complete but we have not received SIGNER_COMPLETE event for one Signer(Co-Buyer). Package details are as follows Id - 'h9eJYgg9zzjqR27QdfoM7XqnMws=' Can you please let us know the reason behind this . Thanks, Navya


Reply to: Signer Complete Event

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Hi there, Make sure you have the correct callback url in your esignlive sandbox account. Also, is it only the SIGNER_COMPLETE event that you are not receiving? Meaning, are you receiving any other events, such as PACKAGE_CREATE, DOCUMENT_SIGNED, etc. Let me know
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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