SIGNER_COMPLETE event notification

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Hi, We would like to use the signer_complete event notification so that we get notified on when a signer for a given package has completed signing. Below is the event that we receive but the event has no indication of which signer signed it. So as such the event is not useful without the signer info. Can you please let us know how do we get this critical info in the event notification without making a callback into esignlive to retrieve the details. {"@class":"com.silanis.esl.packages.event.ESLProcessEvent","name":"SIGNER_COMPLETE","sessionUser":"XrDAq0iDXnQM","packageId":"iG3U5T4EwiP4j1o4UO5uksmScZE=","message":null,"documentId":null,"createdDate":"2018-02-28T15:29:34.601Z"}

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