Skipping All Optional Signatures Returning Completed Status

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Within our OneSpan build, we have chosen to use optional signatures where a document may have more than one section to sign but a customer has a choice which sections they are approving (e.g. service work order). This has been working well until an edge case appeared in testing.

  • Customer chose to skip all signatures
  • Selects Continue and when prompted with "Are you sure warning", customer selects yes.
  • OneSpan Package status displays as Complete

While the process is complete, the status of the signing request is technically 'decline' since the customer chose not to sign anything.

Is there a way to distinguish this workflow so that a 'decline' is the better status than 'completed' when no signatures were obtained?


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Reply to: Skipping All Optional Signatures Returning Completed Status

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Hi Tracy,


Thanks for your post!

Given the background information, I would suggest to leverage the Conditional Field feature (Dev Blog Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and use UI components like check box group to control the properties of the signatures. 

Take the attached screenshot for example, I have a check box group which requires at least one option get selected. 

During the signing, selecting each checkbox will enable the corresponding signature and mark the signature as required. This ensures signer won't be able to finish signing without selecting and signing at least one of the checkboxes and the signatures.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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