SMS Authentication for Signing Ceremony access

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We are using SMS authentication along with email notification for access to the signing ceremony. Generally the experience is that the email is sent, the user clicks the link, the SMS is sent and the user logs in with the PIN. Some times the SMS is not sent. I assume that this is because the PIN has an expiration time and because the SMS pin for the package is still valid that another is not generated. Is this accurate? If so, this leaves the user with an inconsistent experience. Sometimes a new pin is generated and some times it is not and there is no indication as to why. Is there a setting that can be used to ensure a SMS Pin is generated every time the link in the email is clicked? Is there an API or SDK call that can be made to make sure the PIN is generated? Thank you

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Hi there, When users access the package through the email link for the first time, an SMS pin code is generated (works 100% of the time). The only time when a new PIN is not generated when clicking on the email link is when you edit a package and resend it. In this scenario, the user has to either use the original PIN code that was sent or wait about 30 mins before it expires (I will double check the delay). However, you can make an API call to generate a new PIN code at any time using:
SignerBuilder sb = SignerBuilder.NewSignerWithEmail(email);

eslClient.PackageService.SendSmsToSigner(packageId, sb.Build());
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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