SMS phone number recorded in the package details

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I created the package with signer SMS authentication with phone number, when I asked our admin to search for package details in the back office, they sent me something (see attachment), but there is no phone number logged in the "chaggenges" field which I am expecting. where can I get the package details included in the back office or from db? 

"auth" : { "scheme" : "NONE", "challenges" : [ ] },

In PROD, our client said they forgot which phone number they sent for this package, and they don't have service call to get package details, the only way is we can ask admin to search from eSignLive.



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Hi Cindy,


Sensitive information like user input, SMS/Q&A are hidden from BackOffice, that's why it's removed in the package JSON:

"auth" : { "scheme" : "SMS", "challenges" : [ ] }


Is it possible to advise your client to:

(1)log onto their sender portal

(2)navigate to this specific package

(3)change the current URL from "" to a format of ""

(4)From there, they just need to search the keyword "question" or "challenges"



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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