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I want to setup a template where  I have setup 2 groups one called Advisors the other called Manager.

Each of the groups will have multiple users in each, when the template is used by the sender would they be able to select a user from each group or does everyone in the group have to get a click to sign?

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Hi Lori,


In general, when the signer type is "GROUP_SIGNER", OneSpan Sign system will send emails to group members which include the link to sign. Before accessing the signing ceremony, a group member needs to pass the OneSpan Sign login page to identify him/herself, and this will be recorded by Audit Trail that whom in the group actually signed. Any group member could sign the fields assigned to the group, but can't sign already completed parts, which may signed by other group members.

For some detailed tips:

(1)When defining the group, you can choose to send the notification email to a group email or every group member.

(2)Not able to select user(s) from a group during package design, the transaction has to involve all group members.

(3)All group members have to be senders in OneSpan Sign system so that they can pass login before signing.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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