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Hi, Our integration with eSignLive includes some document merge functionality - where users create a layout for a "template document". Once the template is merged with client data, the layout is then applied to the merged document. The problem that we are having is that the contents of the document may move slightly once values are substituted in... for example Good morning ${client.first_name} ${client.last_name}, how are you? Could become Good morning Chris Pomeroy, how are you? OR Good morning Aloysius McGillicuddy, how are you? We're looking at leveraging the Text Anchor functionality described in the link below to help solve our problem. https://www.esignlive.com/blog/esignlive-how-to-using-text-anchors/ However, in order to do this, clients would have to create the anchors themselves, which would be time-consuming. I'm wondering if there's sort of an "inverse" of the newTextAnchor() call, where we could call a "getTextAnchor()" for a given signature box or field, and the anchor information would be returned. This would allow us to correctly place signature boxes on our generated documents by getting the anchors from the template and applying the fields to the generated documents via those text anchors. Bit of a stretch, I know, but I thought I'd inquire about it on the off-chance that it's something you have, or are considering as a feature. Thanks, -Chris

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Hey Chris, Unfortunately, no. Once a template or transaction has been created, everything is translated to x/y coordinates, so there is no going in reverse. eSignLive will soon have a functionality that uses predefined text to place signatures and fields though. This will allow for standard values to be placed in the documents so there is no need to guess what the anchor text is. eSignLive will know what to look for. However, I am not sure that this solves your issue. This is interesting and you could post in the Enhancement Ideas forum about it. Product Management often goes through those posts for ideas on what customers are looking for, but I'll be honest, this is a first that I've heard of this feature request. :)

- Michael

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