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Good afternoon, I am working on a document to add text tags with radio buttons.  I am using the text tag


and just change the option portion (optionA, optionB etc.). 

The issue with this is that when it is signed all the radio buttons are checked off.  I would only like one option to be checked off and the option is chosen by the customer.  Is my formula incorrect?  I am looking at 7-8 options


Thanks Kari

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Hi Kari,


Let's break down the text tags formula:


  • *: either a question mark (?) or an asterisk (*). An asterisk indicates that an Input Field is required. A question mark indicates that an Input Field is optional. 
  • esl_optionG: the "optionG" after the underscore defines the field name
  • Group("Frequency"): options need to carry the same group
  • Value("X"): Value("X") means by default checked, versus Value("") means by default unchecked. 


If you are still hitting the same issue after some other attempts, you can share the PDF you are testing (with sensitive information removed) and a package ID where all radio buttons are checked off. So that I can look closer into it.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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