Is there a Reviewer Role for onespan package

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I have a use case to send a document to some signers and once the signing process has been complete, i want to send that document to some users which i call as receivers who receive the signed contract and they can download it 
The receivers aren't part of the signing process, they just receive the signed document in their email 
I have used one span's rest APIs for creating a signers and a package so i would love to know if this use case can be done by leveraging onespan's features?

Reply to: Is there a Reviewer Role for onespan package

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Hi Rahul, there is a built-in reviewer role if you add the recipient after all the other signers who have signatures in the transaction. Assuming you define signing order for your transaction, so what is going to happen is that after all the signers have signed the document, the email notification will be triggered to send to the remaining recipient(s) so he/she can download the signed document. The reviewer also will receive signed document automatically via completion email.

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