Unable to add specific documents to a package

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We have been using oneSpan for around 2 years now and we weren't facing any issues with adding documents to a package but recently when we're trying to add certain pdfs, we are getting an error - "The number of Pre-Verify results does not match the number of documents that were sent for verification"

We are firing a post request to the given url - https://sandbox.esignlive.com/api/packages/9VIilUwSx5kKZmaO7TbGIQaKIe8=/documents 

Axios is used to send a request and the framework used is NestJS 
The Content-type is set to multipart/form-data and the data part of the axios request is set as follows 

const docData = new FormData();




documents.map((doc) => ({ name: doc.name, id: doc.id })),



fileStreams.forEach((file) => {

docData.append('file', file);


Here the individual fileStream is of type ReadStream 

The errors are only thrown for specific documents and i have verified the fact that they aren't a corrupt pdf 

I've Attached the file that seems to be throwing the error so it would be great if you could look at the file and see if you are facing the same errors as me while adding that file to an already created package




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Hi Rahul,


I believe the issue still lies in the PDF - It failed when I directly uploaded the allprops.pdf via sender UI portal. However if I re-saved the PDF (see attachments), the issue should be resolved.




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer


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