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I see there is a RESTful API to update an existing document in a package. Is there a function call in .Net SDK to achieve the same thing? Or, do I need to call 'delete document' then call 'add document' if I want to use .Net SDK? Also, if there are multiple signers in a document and some signers already signed, will there be an error message when I try to update it? I'm assuming all signers will have to re-sign it since the content may be different.

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Hi Evangeline, Thanks for the posting and welcome to OneSpan Sign! Can you kindly tell me more about where you find this API to update an existing Document? Because from my knowledge, there's no method to replace a document directly rather than updating the document metadata as this guidance shows. The recommended workflow is just like what you mentioned: 0. you may need to turn on "review before completion" function by turn off the auto complete:
DocumentPackage package1 = PackageBuilder.NewPackageNamed("Test")
1. set the package status to "DRAFT" 2. delete the document requiring update 3. add a new document with the same metadata 4.send the package 5. all signers related to this package will receive a notification email again. If you want me to create some code sample for you, you can tell me more about your use case. And hope this could help you! :) Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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