Using the DownloadedFile Class

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Hello, Hopefully a quick question, but I'm attempting to use the DownloadedFile class (com.silanis.esl.sdk.io.DownloadedFile) when downloading signer attachment files using the line:
DownloadedFile file = eslClient.getAttachmentRequirementService().downloadAttachmentFile(packageId, attachmentId);
but the DownloadedFile class is leaving a warning stating that DownloadedFile is a raw type and should be parameterized. I've looked at both the feature guide and the Github examples and they are both using DownloadedFile as a raw type. Can this warning be safely ignored or should the class be parameterized, and if so then how should it be parameterized? Thanks in advance

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Hi, It's perfectly fine if you leave it as a raw type. I haven't had any issues leaving the DownloadedFile object as a raw type at compile time in the past. You could also, if you wish, parametrize using a wildcard to get rid of that warning.
DownloadedFile> file = eslClient.getAttachmentRequirementService().downloadAttachmentFile(packageId, attachmentId);
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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