Variable withHandOverLink per Signer?

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Is there a way to customize the handoverlink Href property at a signer level?  I've only been able to see it at the document package level.  I'd like to redirect based on the signer role, and trying to find the best way to do so.  If I can't handle it here, I'll have to do so from the redirected page which adds a touch of overhead.

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Hi Lewis,


As you noticed, the handover URL can only be specified at package level, not signer level. (And there's no placeholder variables to inject values dynamically)

OneSpan Sign recently introduced the capability to set handover URL per language at account level, however, this is more for the use case when redirect signers to different localized websites.

Given these background, I believe the best solution for your scenario is still to tackle it at your integrated system: process the signer information passed by the handover URL parameters then redirect signers respectively.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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Thank you for that confirmation.

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