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Trying to configure virtual room via create package api call. For enabling it what do i need to pass in the request_body of the create package api call.


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Hi Kamali,


The Virtual Room related settings are exposed at both package JSON as well as "GET /api/packages/{packageId}/virtual-room/config" endpoint, but I would suggest to only turn on the feature at the initial package creation call, and invoke an additional API to set up other settings:
API1: Create the transaction and leave it at DRAFT status

POST /api/packages

  "roles": [
      "id": "Owner",
      "name": "Owner",
      "signers": [
          "email": "sender's email",
          "firstName": "Duo",
          "lastName": "Liang",
          "company": "OneSpan Sign",
          "id": "Owner"

      "id": "Signer1",
      "name": "Signer1",
      "signers": [
          "email": "[email protected]",
          "firstName": "1.firstname",
          "lastName": "1.lastname",
          "company": "OneSpan Sign",
          "id": "Signer1"
  "documents": [
      "approvals": [
          "role": "Signer1",
          "fields": [
              "page": 0,
              "top": 100,
              "subtype": "FULLNAME",
              "height": 50,
              "left": 100,
              "width": 200,
              "type": "SIGNATURE"
      "name": "Test Document"
  "name": "Example Package",
  "type": "PACKAGE",
  "language": "en",
  "emailMessage": "",
  "description": "New Package",
  "autocomplete": true,
  "virtualRoom": true,
  "status": "DRAFT"


1. Explicitly add the virtual room host and specify the role ID, in our case, the virtual room host is the transaction owner (virtual room host could be any email as long as they have an OneSpan Sign sender profile)

2. Only turn on the flag "virtualRoom" : true at this point


API2: Set up Virtual Room Settings

PUT /api/packages/{packageId}/virtual-room/config


    "video": true,

    "videoRecording": false,

    "startDatetime": "2022-01-13T03:14:00.000Z",

    "hostUid": "Owner",

    "sessionTime": 60,

    "sessionTimeoutWarning": 15,

    "adHocCobrowsing": false



API3: Send the Transaction

PUT /api/packages/{packageId}




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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