Warnings for required fields

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Received feedback from an office:
When a client receives the package and does not fill in all of the required information on the check list an error/warning appears that says "A radio is required and doesn't have a value".  I had a client respond and did not know what a radio was, this may be a confusing term to clients.  It might be helpful to change the wording to indicate that all responses must be completed before you can sign the document or a different reference than "radio".  Perhaps, "a response is required and doesn't have a value".

Could also add an optional value to the field constructor allowing customization of the warning.

We also noted that radio groups fire a warning for each radio in the group.  Aggressive much? :)


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Hi ben,


Thanks for your post! The "radio" is determined by its field type and you prefer to customize this error message, you can override it by specifying a field validator:




Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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