what will be the signing status of the signer who delegates/change to another signer?

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Hi Team,

Signer1 -> delegates his signing to Signer2,

what will be the signing status of both signers if we check with the following API's<packageid>/signingStatus?signer=Signer1  ?<packageid>/signingStatus?signer=Signer2 ?


Is there any change in the status of a signer who delegates his signer to another?

Previously we used to get status as follows 

Signer1- "status": "SIGNING_PENDING"

Signer2- "status": "SIGNING_PENDING"


But now we are getting 

Signer1- "status": "SIGNING_COMPLETED"   

Signer2- "status": "SIGNING_PENDING"


1) Is there any change in Onepsan signing status implementation?

2) why Signing completed for the signer1 


Please help us in the understanding of onespan status








Reply to: what will be the signing status of the signer who delegates/change to another signer?

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Hi Madeva,


I believe we are talking about the "Change Signer" scenario, if that's the case, here's what happens behind the scene:

- Signer 2 will be added to the roles list, with settings default to Signer 1 and personal information updated

- All signatures that haven't been completed by Signer 1 will be reassigned to Signer 2

- All signed signatures (including uploaded attachments) will be remained and audited that it's performed by Signer1

In which sense, if Signer 1 no longer had a signature pending to sign after the delegation, it makes sense to me if the signing status is "SIGNING_COMPLETED"


I also did some tests on CA sandbox (version 11.38) and CA production (11.37.2) environments, both reached the same result as you are getting now (Signer1 is "SIGNING_COMPLETED" after switching). So can I know in which version you are having the previous experience?



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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