When creating a Custom Button in Salesforce!

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Hello, Can you please take a look at the below and clarify? When creating a Custom Button in Salesforce (http://docs.esignlive.com/content/d_esignlive_connectors_guides/salesforce/integrator_s_guide/creating_esignlive_packages_programmatically.htm) You can specify an EmailMessage, but can tell us what does this field do? 1. Where does the text in the EmailMessage field show up? 2. Is it part of one of the templates, or does it replace the templates? 3. Is HTML allowed in this field, or is it just plain-text? 4. Who is this E-mail sent to? 5. What event causes this e-mail to be sent? Please correct me if I am wrong here: * Isn't this a personalized email message to a signer? Doesn't it show up in the email notification sent to a signer? Please clarify and confirm. * Isn't it plain-text only? Please clarify and confirm. * This is sent to signers; * Isn't it the custom button, when clicked triggers this event, please advise.

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Hey Rajiv, I don't think there is anything specific pertaining to the email message in Salesforce vs just what it means with eSignLive. In eSignLive, the package level email message is sent to all signers in a package unless they have a signer level email message. So, to answer your questions: 1. This text shows in the email that goes out to all recipients, unless there is a signer level email address for a single signer in a package. 2. Yes. This is part of the default email template. If you customize your templates and remove the Email Message placeholder, I would suspect it would not show in your emails any longer. 3. I've actually never tried. I will try and let you know. 4. The email is sent to all signers on the package. 5. The email is sent upon sending the package. If the button is what is clicked to send the package, essentially this is when it happens. The code to create and send the package would be executed at that point and eSignLive would send out the email. Hoepfully this answers everything (except 3 - I will try and let you know).

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