Wrong Order of Consent Document and Contract

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Hello Team, I have a problem with the order of the Consent Document and the Contract. I am using API to created the package and send the documents. In the beginning I was sending only a Contract. Last days I did some code changes to add the Consent Document. I used the code sample with I have downloaded from your website. I don't use the default Consent Document. I send my document via the API. I did the code changes and tested the same. Everything was working correctly. The Consent Document was shown first, and only when I clicked "Accept", I was able to sign the Contract. I tried to test again in the beginning of this week (without changing anything in my side). I just created a new package with the existing code in my side. Unfortunately, I now see first the Contract (which I can sign) and after that the Consent Document (which I can also accept without signing the first document - contract). Could you please help on this issue? Thank you in advance. Regards, Michail

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Hi Michail, To control the workflow of documents, you'd make sure two points in your payload: (1)Set your custom consent document as default consent (instead of the regular accept-only document). The difference between default consent and accept-only was: accept-only can be skipped without signing whereas default-consent can't. Here's a previous post including the way to do that. (2)Make sure you set your custom consent document the index prior than your contract. About document workflow/index, go check Document Workflow guide. But you mentioned that there's no code/payload change and you saw the behavior difference. So if you could provide with your code & payload, it does better help to find the cause. And please let me know if you removed the default-consent via our support team at account level or you delete it by API call every time when package creation. Hope this could help! Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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