Hey guys.


I'm developing a connector with Digibee as listener of the Callback Event Trigger, although event after providing the API Key in the Callback Key field, the Callback event is getting 401 Unauthorized.

Is there a cURL model of the request sent from the Callback Event application so there I can edit the header tag to accept as API Key?


When creating a new package, is it possible to add custom metadata fields that we can get back in the webhook response? For instance, if I want to attach a custom ID to the package I just created, and then store specific data about that package in my own DB. When I receive the "package completed" webhook notification I would like to be able to grab that custom ID from the webhook body and search my own database.


Is it possible to create a template with up to 5 signers but dynamically choose how many will actually be signing the package? I created a package with 2 signers but if I only include 1 signer it throws an unassigned role error. 
    "name": "{{name}}",
    "type": "PACKAGE",
    "autocomplete": true,
    "status": "SENT",
    "roles": [
      "id": "{{id}}",
            "name": "{{name}}",


Hey guys, 

I'm trying to put together the following flow:

  1. Create a Package through Postman using the following payload.
  2. Add a document through a azure function (Its working).
  3. Update Package from Draft to Sent by making a Put request with only { "status": "SENT" }.

The last step always returns 


    "messageKey": "error.validation.sendPackage.noApprovals",



I am trying to interface with OneSpan Sign using the REST API. I am using the LotusScript language on a HCL Notes / Domino platform.

When I send a package with no document, including only the json, it works fine. When I try to add a document using a MIME message, I always get the 406 Not Acceptable error message. I did some research in the forums but couldn't find any helpful help for this error.

HTTP request:


I'm querying packages from OneSpan Sign REST API. I don't use any filters, so I expect to get all of the packages. There are two, one in the inbox, and one in the drafts folder. 

Here's query

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json; esl-api-version=11" -H "Authorization: Basic API KEY"

Response contains JSON with


   "count": 2"

   "results": [ ... ]



I am testing on the Sandbox the /generate-votp service I successfully tested the Email Flow, but when i tried to test the SMS  i recived the following error:"status": 500, "error": "Internal Server Error", "message": "Unable to execute request", "service": "authenticator-management",

My Questions are:

Is SMS sending flow enabled on the sandbox?

What should i put on the "mdcProfile" field if i am from Latin America?