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OneSpan Sign
3 days 9 hours ago

Is it possible to create 2 optional signature blocks in a document that are intended for 'additional signers' that have not been defined as a signer in the package?

OneSpan Sign
4 days 5 hours ago

Hi all,

How can I make a checkbox field required so that a client must mark this as TRUE (as well as doing the normal digital signature)?

Thanks in advance

OneSpan Sign
5 days 4 hours ago

Hi OneSpan team.

I'm capturing the sender's signature in my custom UI. And save it via POST call to "user.signature.handdrawn".

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Mobile Security Suite
Submitted on September 5 2023
This ZIP file contains the OneSpan Mobile Authenticator ES APK file version 4.30.5 for Android.
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  • APK file
Mobile Security Suite
Submitted on August 30 2023
This APK file is version 4.0.1 of the OneSpan Mobile Authenticator app for Android.
  • Mobile Authenticator
Mobile Security Suite
Submitted on August 24 2023
This download contains the assortment of SDKs provided as part of the OneSpan Mobile Security Suite.
  • SDK
  • Orchestration
  • Image Generator
  • Image Scanner
  • notification
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