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Issues for us and/or esignlive support, ICF Express v38beta 1. I did not see or could not find any KBA signer authentication options in esignlive sandbox widget? 2. When adding yourself as a signer in the widget, it appeared to not send an email to me “sign requester” or the email was lost, and appeared to only let me sign the document in the sandbox admin login with no option to resend signing notice. My client aka sign requester will not have access to the esignlive account main login and will not be able to sign there. There should be a force sign in the widget before “Send” can be clicked. 3. The digital evidence is incomplete, cert details are missing, no ip address listed and no digital id from signing device? I was told this would be available. 4. Real “From” email address in email notice is not whitelist-able User number changes for each email. Why does the email not come from [email protected], is this customization available? can it come from us [email protected]? 5. Will eSignlive api work with .asp website and webpages if we want to embed your signing widget.

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1. You will have to contact support to have KBA enabled for your account. Then, you will be able to add KBA authentication from the signer's widget. 2. The package owner (i.e. yourself) will not receive an email notification to sign a package. The only way a package owner would be notified through email would be to set a signing order and have the owner as the second person to sign. 3. The evidence summary does contain the ip addresses of each person involved in the package but not the certificate nor digital id. 4. You can change the "From" by sending a request to support. You will have to go through either setting up SMTP or DKIM. 5. Yes.
Haris Haidary OneSpan Technical Consultant

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