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Hi, there is a need to create link withing signed pdf document that would point to internal site. Link should be in following form: http://host.com?pid=123k-jksjk&did=3k2k2-kekk where pid is packageId and did is documentid. Question: is it possible to add custom filed Link in the above format that will be placed on document during package design phase? If not can you propose a solution?

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Hey dlukic, There are a couple ways I can think of to do this. One would be to first create the transaction in draft mode without your document. This would give you your packageId. From there, you can add the document to the transaction. If you give the document a custom ID, you won't have to search for the ID that eSignLive assigns to it, you'll already know what will be used. So, from here, you can use document injection to inject a value into the acro-field in your PDF. Injected Fields Guide If you're not using PDF, you could do essentially the same thing only use a label or "custom field" and provide the url as the value for the label. Let me know if either of these would work for you and/or if you have further questions.

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