Troubleshooting Callback

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Is there a way to troubleshoot why my callback is not working? I understand that an e-mail is sent out when a failure occurs, but I don't have access to that e-mail box. 1) Can we see callback failures in a dashboard or log files? 2) Can we change the e-mail address that is notified when a callback fails? 3) I'm wondering if the failure is due to SSL connectivity issues. Is there a way to create a truststore and import an SSL certificate? Thanks, Eldee

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Hi Eldee, If you don't have access to the email address, there're two ways to work it around: (1)you can change the destination email address for your callback email template "email.callbackFailure" (2)there's a function in support backoffice that allows to send you a test callback, if it failed, support agent can see the failure reason directly from backoffice UI. Contact our support team([email protected]) and they will help you adjust your account. For the point (3), we can discuss it after you can saw the callback failure reason. And if you can provide with more details about your integration application, it may help to pinpoint the issue. Like which language or technology you are developing with, like Java Spring or .NET application or you are doing integration from other system, or probably some code snippet on how you setup your callback listener, and which server/where were you deploying the application to. Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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