CC additional internal users on signature ceremony completion emails.

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Hello, We have integrated our salesforce application with onespan using APEX SDK for our e-signature use cases. We have this below scenario: 1. Salesforce user XXX sends an e-signature request to customer. 2. Customer signs the document. 3. Person XXX receives and email from [email protected] that documents are signed, along with all the necessary attachments. We would like some additional salesforce users to be CCed on these signature completion emails. Our question is, while creating the package, is there any way we can add additional contact information who will be CCed on these emails? Please note, we do not want to build any custom process to again send 'additional' emails to these other users. We want to CC them on the same signing ceremony completion email. Thanks Anway Kabir

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Hi Anway, From your description, you can add the additional emails as the reviewers to your package, so they will both receive the invitation email and the completion email. To add an email as a reviewer, you simply add them as a role, and didn't assign any signatures/fields to them. Or if the CCed person is internal and the email is static, it's possible that you add a separate email template "email.transaction.complete". This email template is by default disabled and sent to your package owner, you can change the target email. (with this email, the signed documents are not attached, and it's more used for archive purpose) Duo

Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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