Could not connect apps.e-signlive.com

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Our integration using the .NET SDK involves showing the designer view in an iframe through our website. This has served us well over the years but recently we have gotten more and more customers reaching out with issues regarding IE 11 and getting an error of "Could not connect apps.e-signlive.com" - usually this is resolved by having them add app.e-signlive.com to the trusted sites in their security settings - however this is becoming increasingly more cumbersome.

Is there something we can do on our end to prevent this from being a regular occurrence?


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Hi nserror,

Do you happen to have a machine that can reproduce the connection issue with IE11? If you have such a machine by hand, can you perform below tests so that we can further narrow down the cause of the issue?

(1)Try to connect to other OneSpan Sign environments, so that we can see if this issue is environment or release specific.

(2)Try to hit the designer link directly at a new windows tab. If the designer page can show properly, you can consider to add a logic to the iFrame launch code: if the iFrame .onload() function was not triggered, provide a button to open the page in a new window instead of showing it in an iFrame.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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