SMS Code Sent to Wrong Recipient For Downloading Completed Documents

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We are using the Java REST API to create and send the transactions.  We would like our customer recipients to use SMS authentication for the signing ceremony, but our back office/branch senders will not be using SMS.  Our transactions are sent via the API are created successfully, and both the customer recipients and senders are able to complete the signing ceremony.  However, when the back office/branch senders receive the "documents for the *** are available to download" email and click on the link to access the completed documents, SMS codes are sent to the customer recipient instead.  

I have attached the JSON payload we used for creating the transaction as well as the evidence summary for one of our transactions.  We have an open case #: CS0022888 for this issue.  Jaclyn Schipper is our client representative. 

Can you let us know if we are creating the transactions correctly?  How can we stop the SMS codes sent to the senders?  Thanks!


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Hi Fiona,


If you check the greeting line from the email which the back office/branch sender received, with content of "documents for the *** are available to download", you may find that this email was supposed to send to the recipient, with the sender CC'd. That explains why if you click from the sender's email inbox, it will login as signer and therefore trigger the SMS authentication.

This completion email template you are receiving is "email.complete", which will send to all the signers with sender CC'd. It will cause the sender receive duplicated copies and have issues when there exists signer authentication like SMS.

To avoid this scenario, you need to remove the sender from CC, and use another email template "email.transaction.complete", which will send a separate copy to sender with the go to document link combining by sender's login token, after package completed.

Kindly mention my findings to the ticket CS0022888, and our support agents will help you adjust your account.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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